Academy Policies  

Access, Extensions, Refunds, & Transfers 

Single Sign-On. 

Once your transaction has been approved and processed, the purchaser will have access to the course(s) within 5 to 10 minutes of receiving the purchase confirmation. An SMRP login (email address and password) will be required. Click on the Learner Guide, found here, for step-by-step instructions to access content.   

Expiration Date. 

Learners purchasing a single course will have access to the purchased content for 120 days (4 months) from the date of purchase. 


Learners have access to purchased courses 24/7 with a reliable internet connection. 

  • Use a device of your choice desktop, laptop, tablet, or cell phone, with a reliable internet connection.  Chrome is highly recommended. 
  • Work at your own pace There are no submission deadlines for module completion. Depending on the course(s) purchased, Learners will have 120 days to work through and complete all coursework.  
  • Work Tracking The Learner will be able to log in and out of a course module at any time; the system recognizes work completed and allows the Learner to seamlessly continue working where they left off. 

Requesting Access Extensions. 

Extension requests must be sent to No requests will be taken over the phone. 


Refund requests must be sent to No requests will be taken over the phone.  A refund, minus a $25 administrative fee will be granted under the following conditions:  

  • Refund request is received within 10 business days of purchase and,  
  • If the first module has not been started, or if started, no more than 15 minutes have been spent in the course. The time-in-course limit will be strictly adhered to. 

Pillar Course Series

Pricing & Access Period. 

Pillar Course                               

Member Fee           

Non-Member Fee   

Access Period 

Pillar Course Series 


$  375.00 

4 Mos from date of purchase 

Pillar 2 Course Series 


$  375.00 

4 Mos from date of purchase 

Pillar 3 Course Series 


$  350.00 

4 Mos from date of purchase 

Pillar 4 Course Series 


$  375.00 

4 Mos from date of purchase 

Pillar 5 Course Series 


$  400.00 

4 Mos from date of purchase 

5-Pillar Course Bundle 



4 Mos from date of purchase 

Course Series. 

The Pillar course content is divided into modules, each with its own distinct learning objectives. To ensure a comprehensive grasp of the material, each module is divided into topic areas, accompanied by knowledge checks designed to assess the learner’s understanding and comprehension. Pillar modules are not available for individual purchase. 

Course Flow & Progression. 

The course content is designed to build on previous knowledge. Each course has a mandatory progression, where the completion of the first module is a prerequisite for gaining access to the second module. All learners will start with Module 1 of the course series. Once a module is launched, the learner will be required to click through each screen and complete all activities before the next module becomes available. For example, Module 1 must be completed before Module 2 becomes accessible. 


Each module includes voiceover narration to complement what is viewed on the screen. Learners may be prompted to interact with the content, to review more information, and/or to respond to questions.     

Time to Complete. 

The estimated time to finish the entire course series is calculated to include time for listening, reading, and completing the required exercises/knowledge checks. Please note that the estimated time to complete is an average and not a guarantee. Learners may finish the course faster or slower than the estimated time. 

Certificates of Completion. 

Once a learner successfully completes all the modules of a Pillar course and submits the required course evaluation, a Certificate of Completion will be made available for download and printing. 

Last Update:  1.19.2024